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Any raw material that is not used as lumber is sold as chips, bark, mulch and sawdust. With a high quality lumber operation comes high quality residue products which are used throughout North America for a variety of operations.


We provide fresh bark in red pine and white pine produced from our mills using ring and morbark debarkers.

In addition, we have historical bark on our property that we screen into two products: aged mulch and aged fines. These products are excellent for landscaping and are available year-round.

We also sell bark/mulch for industrial fuel. This product is available year-round.



We produce pine chips and spruce chips from two mills. We sell to large plants, pulp and board producers and paper plants. Ensyn Technologies (Kerry Foods) and Roseburg Inc. and Papier Masson are three of our local customers. Our chips are used for MDF (for mouldings, cabinets and furniture), paper (including newsprint) and other panel boards.

Our sawdust residue is used by MDF plants to manufacture fibreboard, as well as in farming for vegetable production (ie: mushrooms), animal bedding and heating oil.

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