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To further the company’s vision for a sustainable future, we rely on the knowledge and tremendous work ethic of our 100+ employees that work within our company. These are exceptional people who help shape a culture that we are proud to pursue every single day.

In addition, we are committed to investing in our mills. Ben Hokum & Son Limited is committed to implementing the latest technology in the industry, which has put us at the forefront of sawmill operations in Ontario. Our business planning shows a vibrant future for this industry and we will continue to explore opportunities to grow and expand our operations.  If there is one thing we have learned in 60 years, it is that standing still is not an option. Being on the leading edge of better methods and current technology is necessary as this industry launches into the future.

At Ben Hokum & Son Limited, we look forward to growing our industry, both in contributing to the Canadian economy, and in ensuring the sustainability of private and public lands. From our community to our country, we celebrate enthusiasm in the future.

Dean Felhaber, President



This company was built on strong values; values that in 1956, meant that you looked out for your community and the people living in it who were your neighbours. It also meant that you did your work to the very best of your ability. Those values have not changed in our more than 60 years. Ben Hokum & Son Limited continues to operate at the highest standards in providing quality lumber.

Another aspect of forestry operations that we take very seriously here is sustainable forest management. No one knows the value of a sustainable resource more than the companies who make their living from it, and we cannot have these discussions often enough with educators, advisors, environmental advocacy groups and politicians. Whenever we have the chance to educate and inform people with an interest in sustainable forestry, we seize it.

As an example, Algonquin Park is a world-class showcase of how sustainable forestry can co-exist with other users of the Park. The wood supply in the Park has been managed so well that there is a higher quality and more white pine on site than ever before. Algonquin Park shows how we harvest with the next generation at the forefront of our minds. The Park’s forest is here because it is managed. This kind of co-existence is what we work towards with every operation.

Dean Felhaber, President

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